Allotment Diary : How to grow Giant Shallots from seed


How to grow huge long banana shallots from seed.
I grow from seed now as opposed to growing from sets or bulbs as I find this way I get much bigger bulbs that seem to store better than from bulb planted ones.
They also tend not to bolt or go to seed as readily as bulb planted ones and I now never seem to get any mould or botrytis problems .
I use a variety called either “Zebrune” or “Banana” ,think they’re the same, and simply sow the seed into 40 cell modules in early March.
After 2 months growing in the polytunnel just plant out at 3-4″ spacings and 1 foot between the rows.
And that’s about it really, by mid August they should be big enough to harvest and dry to be stored for a long period.
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