Allotment Diary : How I plant / grow my Container grown Potatoes


Just a quick video showing how I go about planting and growing my potatoes in pots.
Dead simple, using a 30 litre pot fill up half full with any multipurpose compost.
Then I add 2 oz of Blood Fish & Bone fertilizer , or this year 1 oz of Potato Magic fertilizer and mix in well.
Then push 2 seed potatoes into the compost about 2″ above the bottom of the pot.
Place the pots in shallow drills on the soil and draw soil around the base to cover the drainage holes so the emerging roots can then grow on further into the soil beneath.
Once the plant emerges slowly top up the pot leaving a few inches of stem above the soil until the pot is completely topped up with compost.
Water well in dry weather and expect anything up to 10 pounds of spuds per pot when harvesting.
Hope to do a few videos about growing Carrots, lettuce, leeks, peas, cabbage, herbs, onions, garlic , tomatoes etc etc later.
Stay tuned, Cheers.
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