Allotment Diary : Growing / Planting Garlic : The importance of a cold spell or Vernalisation..


Planting out this years Garlic crop.
I plant mine out in late February or early March as it’s early enough for me to give it the necessary period of cold conditions, or “Vernalisation” that Garlic requires.
Garlic needs a period of about 30 days at a temperature below 5 C or 40 F in order that the cloves will split and form a bulb the following season.
Without this cold period you just end up a giant clove that doesn’t bulb.
I plant my Garlic cloves from the previous year 6 inches apart and a foot apart in the rows so that the tip of the clove is an inch below the surface of the soil.
Other than that, that’s about it, I just rake in 4 oz of Blood fish & bone fertilizer and hope that I don’t get any rust disease.
By late July August time the leaves should start to yellow and shrivel and then it’s time to harvest the crop.

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