Allotment Diary Aug 28 : Veg plot, Greenhouse, Polytunnel, Giant Marrow & Pumpkin update


The latest update from my Allotment Vegetable growing plot, greenhouse, polytunnel, Giant Marrow and Pumpkins.
Things are slowing down but the tomatoes are still growing well as are the chillies and peppers in the greenhouse.
Over on the plot still got lots of lettuce and cabbages growing.
The Leeks are growing well as are the turnips.
Garlic and shallots are drying in the polytunnel and the show carrots will be pulled next week.
The pumpkins are growing slowly but hopefully will get bigger if we get a late warm spell.
The Giant Marrows are the biggest I’ve grown so far and are a freaky size.
So it’s horticultural show time in the next few weeks so we’ll see how we do.
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