Allotment Diary Aug 15 : Veg plot, polytunnel greenhouse & Giant veg gardening update


The latest vegetable growing update from the allotment, greenhouse & polytunnel and a look at the odd giant veg growing exploits.
The tomatoes are growing well but still very slow to ripen in the cold weather but the chillies & peppers are growing very well.
Over on the allotment the first peas have all been harvested and the second crop is now ready to pick.
The Savoy Cabbage are still growing ridiculously big and seem to love the cool weather.
Lettuce are still growing well as are the Spring onions.
The Giant Banana Shallots have grown well after a shaky start and will be harvested soon as will the Garlic .
Potatoes haven’t had any blight yet so they should give good yields when I harvest those.
In the polytunnel the Beans are slowing down but they have cropped amazingly well for 6 weeks now and the courgettes are still producing.
The Giant tomatoes are crazy and such a laugh to grow.
The Giant Marrows are going well considering the plants are smaller than usual due to the cold weather but we’ll see how they do in a month or so.

For all your giant veg seeds have a look at :
You won’t find any better or bigger.
Happy Gardening.

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