Allotment Diary : 110 Day Potato Harvest from a 20 Litre Container Pot


The latest container pot grown Potato harvest from the polytunnel.
This time in a 20 litre pot with 3 seed potatoes planted 110 days ago.
This time I was very happy with the results but think you could actually plant 4 potatoes as 1 seed spud per 5 litres of compost seems about ideal for new potatoes.
Also 110 days seems about the ideal time as any longer then the potatoes will be getting a bit too big for new potatoes and the texture will also change.
So finally I thin I’ve cracked the ideal formula.
3 seed potatoes in a 15 litre pot or 4 in a 20 litre pot and leave around 110 days.
Happy Gardening.

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