Advice on a Philodendron Hybrid & a Calamondin Orange Tree


In this clip from the 90’s TV series, “The Indoor Garden”, I read and answered letters that were sent to the show. There is good advice for growing Philodendron hybrids and the Calamondin Orange Tree, botanically known as Citrus mitis. All Citrus plants have the same care instructions for indoor growing, so if you own one, this can help you, too.
This was videotaped before the Internet was invented and we could not buy houseplants online then. There are several online sites today where you can purchase indoor plants. Your local nursery, garden center or florist is still a great way to look first.

For full written-out instructions on how to care for a Calamondin Orange tree, visit this post from “The Indoor Garden” blog:

Please feel free to ask questions about your plant in comments

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