Add Plastic from Diapers to Soil to Save Water ? & More Garden Q&A


Using Plastic from Diapers in Your Soil to Save Water & More Garden Q&A

John from answers your organic gardening questions.

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03:55 What are your thoughts on using hydrogel in diapers or polymers in soil to conserve water?
07:02 What Soil Mix do you use for your raised beds?
10:47 Will my plants sprayed with Bleach Survive?
13:28 Can sunflower seeds ment for birds be used to grow sunflower sprouts for people?
15:29 What is the best soil mix for growing vegetables in containers?
18:47 How deep should a raised bed be?
19:48 Is Cannabis Safer than Opioids?
27:44 What is your second favorite composter?
30:43 Is it true that Leafy Green vegetables can contain heavy metals?
36:37 Where should I plant to perennial vegetables / kale in my garden?
39:56 What are the best perennial greens I can grow in zone 10?
41:35 Should I keep my frost damaged plants or start over?
43:04 What can I do to maintain the nutrients in my soil after I have planted my garden?

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