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Nurserylive – A platform for your all gardening needs

Gardens have been an indispensable part of our homes, more so now, ever than before – thanks to the need of the hour to create greener spaces around us and our wish to live close to nature. Well, Gardening is not just about having a few plants in our backyard. It’s an art of cultivating plants, a passionate hobby for many, to curate different plants that add to the beauty of our homes.

For Nidhi Singh, it was this love for cultivating greener spaces that compelled her to take it to the next level, beyond her home. The nursery market, with its highly fragmented setup, where a majority of the operations happen mainly in the offline sector and the oblivion of the people to create green spaces for the lack of space or the upscale costs of lands, set her thinking.

After much research, she realized the dearth of a single online space to cater to all the aspects of gardening in India. It is when Nidhi and her husband Nandu Singh decided to explore this lesser known segment. Thus was born NurseryLive, their thoughtful online venture that has been on its way to change the dynamics of gardening in India.

NurseryLive, an online nursery that started its active operations in October 2014, is India’s largest online nursery, that has grown immensely in a short span of time, incurring high volume of sales and building a huge customer base. Headquartered in Pune, this online market for gardening products sells more than 5000 stock keeping units (SKUs) of plants, seeds and garden accessories, all available at a single place.

Whether you’re a novice dreaming of making your living space greener or a gardening expert with several years of experience under your belly, NurseryLive is a platform that can address all your needs. This online platform has been receiving overwhelming support from garden lovers across India since its inception, with its consumer base spread all over India including individuals, corporate and small and medium nurseries.

With the outstanding effort of the founders who are currently overseeing the marketing campaigns by themselves, NurseryLive has connected more than 350,000 active garden lovers and has processed about 60,000 orders as of December 2016. At present, they cater to all the gardening needs across the country, bringing your favorite plants at your doorstep. They are in the process of further expansion and intend to establish local distribution centers to enable efficiency and achieve quick delivery of their products.

NurseryLive’s vision of creating greener spaces around us and making the Earth a healthier place to live has attracted high popularity if there huge online presence are anything to go by.

Check out the various platforms from NurseryLive to know more about them:

  • Nurserylive.com (http://nurserylive.com/ ): Their main website where you can order plants, seeds, bulbs, pebbles, pots & all other gardening related accessories that are delivered across India.
  • GreenTV.nurserylive.com ( http://greentv.nurserylive.com) : A forum for sharing gardening related information in form informative videos
  • Ask.nurserylive.com (http://ask.nurserylive.com/): A forum to address customer’s queries, concerns & daily challenges.
  • Wiki.nurserylive.com (http://wiki.nurserylive.com/): A forum for sharing gardening related information.
  • Blog.nurserylive.com (http://blog.nurserylive.com/): A forum for customers and gardening enthusiastic blogger to sharing their gardening related experiences & recommendations.