A Tale of Two Hydroponic Living Wall Systems from Canada & Spain


“A Tale of Two Hydroponic Living Wall Systems from Canada and Spain” by Dr. Alan Darlington and Ignacio (Nacho) Solano

Dr. Alan Darlington of NEDLAW Living Walls will present “Indoor Air Biofilters.” The indoor air biofilter is an interior plantscape that can effectively remove common indoor contaminants and improves the living environment. It represents the hybridization of science, art and engineering to deal with real problems of indoor air quality in an aesthetic and sustainable manner. The NEDLAW Living Wall™ is the result of close to 20 years of university research. At first glance, the biofilter appears as a vertical hydroponic green wall containing a wide range of foliage plants specifically selected for each site.

However, the plant wall is actually an integrated part of the air handling system for the building. Air is actively forced through the wall of plants and highly specialized biological components actively degrade pollutants such formaldehyde and benzene in the air into their benign constituents of water and carbon dioxide. The clean air is then distributed throughout the building, greatly improving the building performance. This presentation will outline the science and engineering behind the biofilters; their impact on the indoor space as well as issues related to design and integration into the built environment.

Ignacio (Nacho) Solano of Paisajismo Urbano will share the history of Paisajismo Urbano in Spanish with English subtitles and how the love of plants has been transformed into one of the leading companies in our sector worldwide. Over 14 years of work have resulted in the seamless integration between urban spaces and nature, received due to a combination of biology, botany, engineering, design and a patented formula which combines fungi and bacteria, ensuring complete success on site. Come and discover his interviews with rare footage and follow this firm which is synonymous with experience and expertise in the world of advanced vertical gardening.

Nacho Solano hablará sobre Paisajismo Urbano. Conoceremos mejor la historia de Paisajismo Urbano y de como el amor por las plantas ha conseguido transformarse en una de las empresas referencia del sector a nivel mundial. Mas de 14 años de trabajo han dado como resultado la integración perfecta entre espacios urbanos y naturaleza conseguida gracias a una combinación de biología, botánica, ingeniería, diseño y una formula patentada que combina hongos y bacterias asegurando un éxito total en las instalaciones. Entra y descubre entrevistas, material inedito y como formar parte de esta empresa, sinónimo de experiencia y profesionalidad en el mundo de la jardinería vertical avanzada.

video source: www.youtube.com

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