5 Wild Weed Foods that You Can Eat


John from goes on a field trip to his friends place to learn about 5 wild weed foods that grow on his property that you can eat. In this episode you will learn from Dr. Craig Sommers, N.D. about 5 wild foods that grows on his property in Central Texas and may grow near you.

John believes that wild foods are not just for survivalists, preppers or hillbillies.. Everybody should learn and know about the wild foods in their area so that they can survive if SHTF and be prepared. In addition, wild foods contain valuable nutrients that may not be found in standard fruits and vegetables.

You will learn about the American Beauty Berry, Summa Berries, Yaupon, Pine and Lambs Quarters as well as their health benefits and how to best use these wild weed foods. You will learn the 2 best ways to preserve these foods into the winter.

Along the way you will discover some lifestyle information that may help get you to stay healthy longer as well as learn how Craig uses these foods in his everyday diet for optimal health.

Learn more about Dr. Craig Sommers, N.D. at

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