5 Easy Steps to Start a Vegetable Garden in Las Vegas or Anywhere


John from shares with you the 5 easy steps to start growing a vegetable garden in one of the most inhospitable enviroments in the US… Las Vegas. You will discover the specific resources and how you can successfully grow a garden in Las Vegas with the tips and techniques in this video. If you live in any other desert climates, you will be able to use some of the tips and tricks that John uses in Las Vegas in your similar climate. If you do not live in Las Vegas or a desert climate you can learn some of the overall principles that John shares on the secrets to his growing success that will work anywhere plants grow.

In this episode some of the wisdom you will learn includes:
Best soil to use
Container Gardening
Raised Bed Gardening
Raised Bed Materials
Best Soil Ammendments to use
Best Edible Plants to Grow
Plants that grow best in the arid desert environment
Best Irrigation systems
How to water properly in the desert
Best crops to grow indoors year round
Best vegetables to grow in the summer time heat
Choosing the best place to grow your vegetables
Should I shade my garden from the sun?
Refilling your raised bed after every season
and much, much more.

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